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Living In What We’ve Got

We have to admit that the pages of an interior design magazine may look too intimidating to imitate. Many of us for want of a good living condition lack space. It is disconcerting but we cannot let go of the fact that many of our houses were built before the 1990s and that has limited many of our resources to decorate our interiors.

Well, here are a few tips:

1. Space:

Make it personal. Determine your style and get on with it.

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Living in a Farmhouse

Farmhouse interiors are about the basic specifics. No loner is there a requirement to live in a 20 acre land with all the cows and sheep. This  design is experiencing a significant revival, interesting to those which like the traditional, reassuring design of an easier time. It’s a mixture of building specifics, many easily identified by its covered patios, received items, light colours and rough-hewn finishes.This easy-breezy, emotional appearance is no more merely for folks living on their very own acreage– it can be obtained by anybody, anywhere. Right here are a couple of farmhouse information that can help you get the search in your residence:

1. The wraparound deck. Patios or decks used to be places to hide from the sweltering heat. Now, it is for family gatherings or merely to enjoy that cool evening air.

Achieve that look (if you don’t have one) by putting some country flowers or a planter with wildflowers.

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2. The warmth of timber. 

Wood was commonly used in farmhouse residences as a result of its abundance and accessibility to landowners. The scratches that come with long time usage share a farmhouse residence’s past. Don’t be hesitant to embrace wood– the a lot more rustic the finish, the additional nostalgic it will certainly feel.

Obtain this appearance: If you can not afford to put in wood floors all throughout your home, attempt putting them in a part of your residence that’s seen the most– like the household room. Wood furniture, wall surface paneling and accessories can additionally assist you create that farmhouse warmth without renovating your entire house.

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3. Light and bright. For some early farmhouse proprietors, the walls were kept light due to restricted access to a lot more pricey colored finishes. Families with a bit additional cash sometimes made use of wallpaper in crucial spaces, such as entrances, to showcase their style or wealth. However easy, light wall surfaces have actually ended up being an identifiably traditional attribute of farmhouse insides, giving abundant compare against darker treasured design components.

Acquire this look: Coat your wall surfaces, trim, doors and baseboards in a light shade for a budget-friendly and easy means to recognize farmhouse design. Woodwork isn’t really always coated in farmhouses, but if your house has restricted light, you may take into consideration repainting any kind of dark timber to brighten your space. Simply be mindful– as soon as you repaint timber, it’s permanent.


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4. Mix and suit in the bed room. The timeless farmhouse room would certainly have been accentuated with weathered, mixed and matched heirloom pieces, acquired from family and friends. Illumination and airy linens and suppressed walls finish the appearance.

Acquire this appearance: Seek brand-new or used items that have an early-20th-century look to them. Do not fret regarding finding matching sets, either. The even more accumulated your bedroom looks, the far better.




5. Heart of the house. Kitchen areas are the heart of a farmhouse. Because this is a place where people go in and out at a heavy rate, finishes are suggested to be tried and examined. Apron-front sinks, durable timber counter tops and strong cabinetry could look great, yet they were originally created lose and deal with a house loaded with visitors.

Obtain this appearance: Farmhouse-style apron-front sinks could work in any type of kitchen area. But if your budget is limited, include ceramic accessories, like utensil holders or dishware. A few well-placed, chunky cutting boards could replacement for farmhouse-style butcher block counter.


Furnishing Your Windows

We love designing our interiors, especially when we are talking about our dream home. And particular components of the home that must be given attention to are the windows. Their common purpose is to let some light and air into the enclosed space of a room.

Nevertheless, there are countless of times that brightness that comes from the sunlight or other outside sources can be disturbing and without window furnishings, these problems will not be solved. There are many types such as sunscreens, curtains, and blinds. They can act as decorations (especially when the windows alone are plain and simple) but they do much more important things.

1. Block unwanted light. Again, with the windows, the light enters anytime. With no coverings, you will only get distressed. Imagine that you are sleeping in your bedroom and you have a nearby window. Say, you do not have work by the next day and you want to sleep in. Then, when morning comes, the sun rises, its rays directly shining upon you and unnecessarily wakes you up from your slumber. Isn’t that annoying? Now, when you have window furnishings like blinds, you can easily just shut them and have a good, long sleep.

2. Hide you from the eye of the public. Windows are usually made of glass and if you do not see to it that they are covered then you are opening yourself up for danger. Even if they may be locked, people can still see what is inside your home; they can see if anybody’s home or not. Basically, you and your family do not have any privacy and security.

3. Regulate temperature. More importantly during cold, winter months, these furnishings can help warm up the home so you can save up instead of using a heater or the like.

Investing in these for your windows is definitely excellent, since they are really functional. And once more, the fact that they can enhance the look and feel of the inside of any structure is a great bonus. They come in different colors and styles in stores out there.

And that brings us to shopping. When finally deciding to purchase your own set of blinds, measure the size of your window so you can seamlessly search. The Rileys blinds Glasgow have a wide selection with set sizes. If your window is too big or too wide, there are made to measure blinds available too.

Some know-how can be handy so do some research. Even the basic stuff will do. This will help you as you go to the shops and speak with the salespeople. Ask for recommendations from family and friends as well.

Cost and quality does not necessarily correspond so, explore your options. Some may be cheap but has high quality while others may be a bit pricey but only second-rate. Personally visit stores or you can search online. Compare prices and services if they are worthwhile.

On the whole, do not forget to have fun in furnishing your windows!

Making Your Garage Look Better And More Usable

The garage is basically a port for all of your vehicles: from bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. Not only that, but it can also function as a storage and laundry room. Nevertheless, it is an accepted theory that garages are messy in nature. But you can get rid of this thinking and start considering this: garages can look better and can be more usable.

But the question now is how? Here are some ways you can try out.

1. Clean up your mess:

Yes, you have to do this, first and foremost. Look around your existing garage and see the clutter. It is now the time to tidy it all up. While cleaning up, you can organize your stuff into three categories: those you can keep, those you can sell or donate, and those you can throw away. In this method, you can effectively sort out the necessary items and you can perhaps make money as well.

2. Add garage flooring:

With your things out of the way for now, it is definitely a great choice to invest in garage flooring. Your floor is essentially your space and with coverings you can not only protect yourself from harm and danger, but you can also design and color it the way you want. You can even think of concepts that you want to emulate. Flooring can give a smooth and polished surface, resulting to a comfortable, safe and convenient garage. You can check out the AxleTile website for various garage flooring options.

3. Propose a garage layout:

A smart technique to maximize the use of your garage is to envision and plan the arrangement of what you will put inside. A huge area will, of course, be allotted for your vehicles but what about the other spaces? There will still be a lot of room for storage and such. Strategize on how you will position everything.

4. Paint your walls:

If bare is your preference, then so be it. But if otherwise, play and experiment with colors as you wish. It is recommended to make use of washable paints though. And if you are not too keen on cleaning regularly, dark colors are for you. Put money into paints that have good adhesion as well for longevity.

5. Use effective storage:

Instead of putting your things all over the place, there are repositories available in stores out there. These are ready made, easy to install storage spaces that you can just purchase and put up easily like cabinets and compartments. You can be able to keep and put away your stuffs in an orderly fashion. Put labels too for quick search and identification.

6. Create a lounging area:

If there is still adequate space, you can put up a space for relaxation. Even though you are in the garage, you can have a cup of coffee, read or perhaps sleep. You can maybe even place a TV or stereo in there for more entertainment.

Your garage can not only be purposeful but it can also be fun!

Designing a Home that is Safe for the Elderly

wet floorHow do you start in ensuring that the home is safe for the elderly? How can you avoid the anxiety and worry about leaving your old folks alone at home? Here are some tips to help you allay your anxieties when it comes to leaving old Dad and Mom at home:

Clean up the clutter. The clutter, especially on the floor is one of the most common causes of accidents at home. The simple paper clip or pen can cause any of the old folks to slip and fall. Now, with the brittle bones and joints that they have, it would not be impossible for them to sustain breaks or strain their bones and sprain adjoining ligaments. As such, ensuring that you leave a clutter free home will allay your anxiety about the possibility of any accidents the old folks may encounter at home.

Dry any wet surface. Wet floors are also one of the most common sources of injuries and accidents. Even small drops of water are enough to cause accidents. One of the most fearsome accidents with the elderly is when they slip on the floor. They may hit anything as well as fall on their hips. When this happens, they would be confined to bed for days on end. Indeed, prevention is the best cure for this particular situation.

Install security cameras. You can never be too sure. The older folks may find it very comfortable to sleep outside in the garden and may leave the gate open for any burglar to come in. It would also ensure that you will be able to review what were they up to and who visited them so that you would know the people that come in and out of their house. Due to old age, they may become too trusting of strangers and may welcome someone in the home who has ill intentions.

Install window blinds. Window blinds add additional privacy to any room. By installing window blinds, you are also making sure that the activities of the elderly at home remains private. They may forget to wear their shirt or pants on and walk around the house. You don’t have to worry about your parents being the talk of the town if enough privacy installations are made.

Hire someone to look after them. It would be impossible to free from worry when it comes to the old folks. They are like kids that may do things on their own in trying to show that they want to help you. They may want to cook dinner for you and burn the house down in doing so. It is always advisable to get Bayswater home care whenever appropriate when it comes to leaving the elderly at home. This way, you will be sure that there is always someone who would look after them and will take care of them should any untoward incident happen.

It is indeed worrying to leave the elderly folks at home without someone to look after them. If you won’t be able to hire someone to look after them, at least have a close relative stay with them for the duration that you are out of the house. This way, you are sure that they are not alone to do the chores that they have to do at home and they have someone to talk with to while away their time.

Designing Your Home for a Wedding Party

wedding partyAre you considering to celebrating your wedding party at home? Have you taken note of the requisites in order to make your home the best place for a wedding party? There are many questions in your mind that will make it difficult to plan. As such, here are the most important questions that you should address if you are going to have a wedding party in your home:

Will there be enough room for the guests that may stay and sleep over? One of the disadvantages of having your wedding party at home is that guests may become too drunk and may have to spend the night over at your house. Are you ready for this possibility? Have extra linens, pillows and beds taken out so that you can anticipate the number of people who would be staying the night.

Do you have a shuttle for guests who can be brought home? If you think you don’t have enough room to spare, then you can arrange for shuttles to take home guests who live nearby. This is the most convenient way and the kindest manifestation of concern that you can give to your guests. You may not have the room to spare, but you can arrange for their safe and secure transportation to go home.

Will you hire a caterer that will take care of the food and table settings? To eliminate the issues of decorating, hire a caterer that will take care of setting the tables and chairs for the wedding party as well as the food table. This will mean lesser problems for you. However, you have to look at the state of your lawn if you are going to hold your wedding party there. You can plan to have the lawn taken cared of at about two to three days before the actual wedding party. This way, the grasses won’t too short, nor too high, as well as it will be soft enough to tread on.

What are the best areas for the london wedding photos? Photographers usually check the location of weddings. This will help them determine the amount of light and adjustments that they need to make. This will also determine the equipment they should bring to provide you great wedding photos. As such, convene with your wedding photographers on where is the best place to place your wedding table. This way, you can maximize the photo opportunities where you and your partner will also look good in wedding shots.

Will there be enough rest rooms? If you are planning a big wedding party, restrooms can be a major issue. As such, you can also hire portalets so that all guests that need the restroom will be accommodated. You would not want a long line of people waiting for you to go outside the restroom, would you?

The home is an ideal wedding party place for a small group of guests. However, if you have a large country house, you can very well plan to have your wedding party there and hire the necessary committee to take care of the needs of the wedding entourage and your guests as well.

[Part 2] What Everyone Should Know before Redesigning a Garden

garden designsIf you think you did not get enough information from the tips you’ve read about redesigning your garden, here’s more of those to help you by:

Link the different parts of your garden. When you have a large garden, you need to link the spaces of your garden to create a flowing transition. For instance, part of your garden is a space for children’s play area. You can link the play area to a space where you and your guests can enjoy small conversations over tea or coffee while you can still see what the children are up to in the play area. Another way is to link the entrance towards the space where you entertain and receive guests. When homeowners value privacy so much, they can use a portion of the garden to receive guests for short conversations without having to open the door of the house.

Use Plants to Structure your Garden. Such that you use furniture in creating a great garden space, you should also use your plants to structure your garden. If you get monthly issues with weeding or lawn maintenance, you should hire garden clearance services to take care of the problem for you. Then have a leeds garden design and construction to look into the possibility of turning that problematic space into a less problematic area for you. You can turn it into a space for the children to play sand by putting a sandbox for them. The sand will prevent growth of any plant in the soil.

Use Themes as guide in choosing your furniture and accessories. You can never go wrong in designing your garden when you have a theme to guide you. For instance, if you have a Roman themed-garden, you should choose furniture and accessories that will accentuate Roman features of the garden. It would be easier to choose furniture, accessories and designs when you follow a particular theme.

Know your Garden. Do you know where the coolest part of your garden is in the morning? How about the direction of the sun when it shines in the morning? Knowing your garden is essential in choosing the plants for the garden as well as choosing where to plant them. If you want to have plants that thrive in the sunshine, then you should have them where it is abundant in your garden. On the other hand if you have flowering shrubs that grow best in the shade and you’d like to showcase them when entertaining friends, then you should plant them in the coolest part of your yard.

Redesigning the garden can be costly without proper planning. In consideration of the above mentioned elements, planning appropriately in terms of time, energy and money is essential in making your redesigning efforts work for you. In addition, you should also have a contingency plan if your ideas do not match of the original plan or the changes you want become way too expensive to go ahead. With all the tips aforementioned, integrating them into your planning process will help you achieve success in redesigning your home garden.

What you Need to Know before Redesigning your Garden

gardeningAre you considering landscaping for your garden? Do know that there should be some factors to consider before you have your garden redesigned? Here are some of the basic things that you need to know before calling the north west london gardeners:

Design Process. Your landscaper should acquaint you with the design process. Usually, the design process starts with the landscapers and gardeners visiting the site for designing. This is usually called the site survey. They will analyze the quality of the soil and enumerate plants that can grow easily in the garden. They will also consider the presence of children and pets that may roam in the garden. In addition, consideration of what’s already in the garden will also be noted. Normally, they will use whatever is good so there would be no wastage on your part.

The designer will help you understand your site for garden plant selection. When the designers have finished the site analysis and inspection, they will also explain to you the type of soil that is in your garden. They will also provide you with a list of plants that they will plant in your garden. The two important features in this aspect are the plants and the soil. The plants that you chose should be easy to grow and maintain with the type of soil you have.

What you want to include in your garden. Basically, you already have an idea of what your garden would look like. However, this may be difficult to explain to landscapers and gardeners. What you can do is to browse the internet for ideas that you want included in your garden or show magazine photos. This way, you and the designers are on the same level of understanding when it comes to what you want to have in your garden.

Activity areas. If you want to use a portion of the garden for activities like reading, lounge area or playground for the kids, you should also tell the designers. Inclusion of activity area in the total design process of your garden will make you appreciate the changes in your garden. Gardens are supposed to provide aesthetic appeal of your house as well as comfort and opportunities for activities for your family. As such, bring out all ideas that you think you want to have included so that all considerations are noted. Designers are honest when an activity area is not feasible or not, so you should tell them outright so as not to be forgotten in the overall design of your garden.

Highlight important aspects of the garden. If you have specific areas that you want highlighted, you should also show it to the designers. It could be an area where the family usually spends mornings or late dinners or where kids love to play. Regardless of the reason for your focal point for the garden, this should be included in the design.

When everything has been considered, the design process will start and the designers will show you their proposal. Once approved, the changes will start. After the design has been implemented, it is up to you to maintain the design. As such, it is never too much to ask the landscapers or gardeners for additional information, help or services that they can provide.

From Family Planning to Room Planning for Kids

kids roomRemember how well you listened to family planning lectures and suggestions? They were not formulated for any reasons. When you already have five growing kids and constantly biting each others’ heads, it’s time to plan separate rooms for each.

Family planning is a major component in many health care programs. This is one important aspect before marriage and in some countries, marriage license application approvals require couples to attend and complete a seminar in family planning. Why is this so?

One of the most common and in fact, important rationale is for economic purposes. A large family will naturally require a larger financial budget for food and shelter. Aside from this reason, kids do grow up. They do not stay young or small. The kids cannot even wait to grow so that you can save up first on an additional room for them.

Planning the family’s budget in terms of food and shelter also includes consideration of their gender. There is a certain age where female and male kids should get a room of their own. What will you do if you have five kids, four boys and one girl? Quite difficult to plan, isn’t it?

Will it be advisable to fit all these kids in one room? If they are between the ages of four to seven years old, that set up is okay. However, starting eight years old, sexuality will start to become an issue. Actually, some children aging as early as five years old starts to ask questions about the difference of genders and the reproductive organs and will manifest confusion especially in bathroom routine and activities.

It is important to plan ahead of time the division of the room for the kids. If it is not feasible to have each kid in a separate room of their own, at least try to separate the girls from the boys. In the above mentioned situation, the boys’ beds can be installed in one room. Plan the space and the bunk beds for kids in such a way that a certain amount of privacy will be accorded to each. If you have small kids, have them in one room and the oldest one in a room. This way, he won’t feel like his privacy is being invaded by the little ones. It will also promote a sense of independence and an opportunity to inculcate discipline and responsibility by asking him to keep the room neat and tidy.

Plan the addition of the room well. It may not be possible in the meantime. However, you can also install foldable beds attached to the walls so that each kid will have a separate bed of their own. Look into DIY websites on how you can make a room with a small budget.

Even if a separate room for each kid is not feasible or it is not financially affordable, planning the construction of the double deck for the kids is important. A double deck can be constructed on each side of the room or two sets of double deck with a single set of stairs in the middle. The stairs are needed for the kids that will stay on the upper bed deck.

A curtain or a retractable foldable wall can provide the needed privacy for each kid. Boys have the tendency to tease the younger kids until they cry, further emphasizing their desire for a separate bedroom. To prevent this, a family talk can facilitate the house or room rules. If not, add an engineered foldable wall that will act like a curtain.

Problems from a shared room, such as the situation mentioned above is not impossible. In fact, it is quite common. Sometimes it is also the same reason that younger kids do not stay inside their room when trying to finish a project or paper for school. This is to avoid their older brothers from teasing them. Appropriating family talk time with all of your children and making them understand the need for helping each other will help your plans of putting them all in one room with lesser headache.

Renovating and adding a room is a stressful change. Without ample time to save and plan for the outcome of your room additions, you may end up spending more than what is necessary. At this point, you should consider consulting an interior designer so that she may be able to provide alternative solutions to your problem. Most of the time, families may hesitate to consult an interior designer fearing they may get a pricey proposal. However, a good interior designer will give you a plan that fits your budget. As such, it is important that you take up the budget upfront when asking for a design for a new room in your house.

Designing a nursery room for a baby girl

My son’s friend’s mom, Ellen is expecting a baby girl. She plans to re decorate the nursery room to welcome their precious princess. Over coffee at their spacious house, I had the wonderful chance of giving her my tips… having had 3 of my own and the nursery room redone twice! I promised to put together my tips with sample pictures and video so here goes. If you are an expecting mother, a grandparent, a husband or a friend wanting to have ideas for a nursery room design, I hope this helps.

The walls could be plain or painted with light pastel but not necessarily the traditional baby pink. This way, you can keep the colour for the next bundle of joy. This wall colour is neutral but soft and light. The curtain and the rug will thus indicate that a princess occupies the room!

baby wall


Wooden cribs can be painted over or be kept in its natural colour. Wooden cribs provide the warm, cosy feeling in the room.




Dressers should have wide drawers enough which can serve as a place for changing diaper or a scroll.

Or a changing table with spacious drawers is functional as well for saving space. And it’s wooden!


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images (20)

This video shows the lovely interplay of colours you can incorporate in your nursery room designing: